Download Windows 10 ISO Files with Activation Guide

Are you still searching where to download the Windows 10 installation files? If yes, than you have come to the right place!

No doubt that a lot of people are praising this Microsoft latest operating system (OS) since the day it releases to the market. So, it’s a good time for you to upgrade if you’re still using the older OS.

If you are still thinking you need to purchase the software only you can test the OS then you might be wrong because this article will let you know where to download Win 10 for free. But if you want to get a genuine license copy of Windows, you are welcome to get it from the Microsoft Store.

We will reveal to you the links to trial and download the files as well as the activation guide for free! So, stay tune…

download windows 10

Trial or Upgrade to Windows 10

Now both options can be free for you. You can freely trial the OS by using the link provided below. This required you to install the latest OS on your PC. Alternatively, if you are currently using the Win 7/8/8.1, you can freely upgrade to Win 10 too.

Free Trial?

Same as previous Windows versions, you can test the latest Window-10 for a whole of 90-day. So if you’re still using the older operating system, it’s time to test the latest OS before you committed to buy.

Please check the minimum system requirements below before you trial it.
• Computer Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz)* or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2.
• Memory: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.
• Hard Disk: 16 GB of available hard disk space (for 32-bit) or 20 GB of available hard disk space (for 64-bit)
• Graphic cards: DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.
• DVD-ROM/RW drive or a Microsoft account and Internet access.

Click Here to Free Trial Win-10 Enterprise Now

Free Upgrade!

If you’re using Win 7 or 8.1 with genuine license, you can upgrade to Win 10 for free! The offer ends July 29th, 2016. So, act fast!

Else, if you want to upgrade the earlier versions of OS, you also can use other method. You will have two options; either you install a fresh copy of Win 10 to the computer or use the Upgrade App [Link removed as the offer ended].

Should you have any questions related to the upgrade, here are the FAQs.


Download the ISO Installation Files

Finally, the latest Win 10 ISO files can be downloaded here. This time Microsoft is giving the Media Creation Tool (ISO Downloader instead of direct ISOs download). By using the ISO downloader, we can download Windows 10 Home or Pro final edition and create an ISO, USB stick or DVD disc for installation.

Following are the downloader (both 32-bit and 64-bit are available):

Win 10 ISO Downloader [32 bit]

Win 10 ISO Downloader [64 bit]

Once downloaded the ISO Downloader just double click the file:
1. Choose Windows 10 Home if you have Win 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, 8/8.1, and 8.1 with Bing.
2. Choose Windows 10 Pro if you have Win 7 Professional, Ultimate, 8/8.1 Pro, 8/8.1 Professional with Media Center.

Instructions to Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Installer
1. Download Window 10 media creation tool according to your needs (32 or 64-bit).
2. Once downloaded, double-click to run the tool. You will see a screen asking “What do you want to do?”, select the “Create installation media for another PC” and click Next.
3. Select the language, edition and architecture from the drop down menu and click Next.
4. Get a new formatted USB flash drive that has at least 4GB of free space and plug to your computer USB port. Warning: All the contents will be erase while generating the Win 10 installation files.
5. On the screen asking “Choose which media to use”, make sure that “USB flash drive” is selected, and click Next.
6. Point the tool at the relevant USB drive when prompted and click the Next button when ready.
7. The tool will start download the relevant files to the USB drive and create a bootable version of Window 10 in the USB drive. You will see the progress in percentage.
8. Once finish, just click on Finish button to complete the process.
9. To install the latest OS, boot the computer from the USB flash drive (CMOS/BIOS setting is needed to set the USD drive as a first boot device)
10. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation!

Note: If you are upgrading your existing OS i.e. Win 7, 8.1 or 10 technical previews, simply accessing the flash drive within Windows folder and double-click on setup.exe should begin the upgrade process.


Windows 10 Activation Guide

Same as earlier versions of operating system, the latest OS also need to activate before you can enjoy the full functionalities of it features. There are several methods that you can use to activate Win 10.

Depending on how you get your copy of Win-10, then you can use either one of the activation method as describe in this article.

The Windows 10 product keys are a traditional way to ensure that your computer is installing a genuine copy of OS. The digital entitlement is a new activation method being introduced.

There is another illegal method to activate Win 10 that is using third-party software called Windows 10 activator. There are several popular tools around as you can found on this site.

To conclude, I would say now is the best time to upgrade your existing OS to the latest Win 10. This article provides the complete information on where to download the installation files as well as how to activate the Win 10 for free i.e. using the activator.

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